Completion Of The Long March Of The Banners And Flags Of Rasulullah

Maktab I’lamiy
Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia

No: 287 25 April 2017 / 28 Rajab 1438 H



Alhamdulillah, the event of The Long March and Parade (Masirah) of the Banners and Flags of Rasulullah (also known as Mapara) held by Hizb-ut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) in 36 major cities throughout Indonesia during the month of April 2017, coinciding with Rajab 1438 AH, generally ran well, safe and orderly. In some cities, due to some technical-administrative constraints, the places and the forms of the event of Mapara had to be moved, postponed or reduced. However, it does not diminish the success of the completion of the events of Mapara as a whole, either from the agenda, the message being conveyed to the people and their responses.

Mapara is organized by HTI as a medium to further introduce the symbols of Islam, in this case al-Liwa and ar-Raya or The Flags and TheBanners of Rasulullah, along with the great idea of ​​sharia and Khilafah, since al-Liwa and ar-Raya are inseparable from Sharia and Khilafah. In the past, al-Liwa and ar-Raya became the symbols of the existence or the Khilafah and the unity of the ummah. The goal of the event is that to make the symbols and the main ideas increasingly recognized broadly by people, then they can be understood, accepted and practiced and fought for as a way of the revival of the ummah towards the realization of Islam rahmatan lilalamin (blessings of the universe).

Besides implemented in the form of Masirah (Long March or Parade), the Flags and Banners of Rasulullah are also promoted through Tabligh Akbar (Big Islamic Meeting), and in the form of dialogue through an event called International/ Indonesia Khilafah Forum. This forum is a means of a meeting between the big families of HTI with the community figures from various circles to establish a common perception about the importance of reviving the ummah and make joint efforts for a change to Islamic life and the unity of the ummah which is symbolized by the wave of the Flags and Banners of Rasulullah, The Islamic Flags.

With regard to the completion of the event, Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia states:

  1. Deliver thank to the community leaders, ulamas and ustadz, scholars, entrepreneurs, workers, mothers and the youth, students and journalists and the public in general who have participated in the whole series of the activities of Mapara with eagerness and enthusiasm. Acknowledgments are also conveyed to all levels of the security apparatus who are so determined to make this activities safe and orderly. May your participation in these important activities to introduce al-Liwa and ar-Raya with all its substances be recorded as good deeds in the side of Allah.
  2. Deliver the biggest apology to all parties, should there be some errors, weaknesses, and shortcomings which cause a little disturbance in the implementation of Mapara.
  3. The spirit and the enthusiasm of the participants of Mapara in various regions, accompanied by the wave of al-Liwa and ar-Raya show the strong desire of the Ummah towards the realization of Islamic life under the Khilafah that will apply sharia completely. At the same time, it renounces the bad propaganda saying that al-Liwa and ar-Raya are the symbols of a terrorist group.
  4. Call upon all parties, especially the government and the security apparatus, to view this event and similar events in the future, as hundreds or even thousands of activities that have been held by HTI before, as a part of the expression and aspirations of the Muslims in the dawah as guaranteed by the laws. It should also be viewed as a form of the contribution of HTI in the improvement of this nation and the state through the cultivation of the spirit of tawhid to the people and the drive to the obedience to the laws of Allah SWT, the Creator of All of us. HTI sees that the problems faced by society, the nation and the state, such as the increasing corruption, moral degradation, the rampant crimes, the growing injustice in law and economy, tyranny and so forth, are actually based on the fragility of the tawhid and the weakness of obedience on the provisions of Allah SWT. Therefore, it is improper to prevent the glorious events to run, harass or even prohibit, or accuse of various charges, such as treasons and other charges, which are all unfounded. Truly, to practice of sharia in private life and to apply and to fight for it in the life of people and the state is the obligation of every Muslim as the realization of the worship to Allah SWT.

Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiil, ni’mal maula wa ni’man nashiir

The Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia

Muhammad Ismail Yusanto

Hp: 0811119796 Email: [email protected]

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